The current version of Storm is 0.2.33, released on 2019-02-06. Only the latest release is provided in binary form. Earlier releases have to be compiled from source. All releases are marked in the Git repository by a tag with the name release/<version>.

Release notes for each release are found here or in the annotated release tags in the Git repository.

Binary releases

To run the compiler, simply unpack the archive file and run Storm (Storm.exe on Windows), and the top loop for Basic Storm should start. For more detaled instructions, see Introduction.

Source releases

The source code (licensed under GNU LGPL version 2.1) is freely available through Git at the following URL:

git clone git://

The repository has a few submodules. To fetch them as well, execute the following commands inside the repository:

git submodule init

git submodule update

If you get an error about an unreachable submodule, don't worry. That repository only contains some test data for the language server which is not required.

To build Storm, you need mymake, available at GitHub or git:// When you have installed mymake, compiling Storm is just mm release to make a release build. During development, use mm Main or mm Test to build the development version of the main entry point and the test suite respectively.


For information on licenses used in the system, type licenses in the Basic Storm top loop, or call from your code. Note that while Storm is licensed under the LGPL version 2.1, Storm uses the Memory Pool System from Ravenbrook Ltd. for memory management, which requires the source code for all programs using the MPS being freely available unless another license is acquired. Furthermore, it is possible to integrate other garbage collectors into Storm if the MPS license is an issue.