Command line options

By default, launching Storm StormMain from the command line launches the REPL for Basic Storm. This behavior can be changed by using different command-line flags.

To start a REPL of another language, simply pass the name of that language on the command line, and it will start. For example: StormMain bs starts the Basic Storm REPL.

To pass a string to the REPL of a language, use the flag -c. For example: StormMain bs -c 1+2 sends the expression 1+2 to the Basic Storm REPL.

To run a single function, use the -f flag. This function may not take any parameters, and not all return types are supported. Example: StormMain -f foo.main.

To specify a root path, use -r. For example: StormMain -r root/ launches Storm with root/ as the root directory. The default is root/ relative to the directory of the executable file.

It is also possible to import specific directories into the package tree. This is done with the -i flag. -i takes two parameters, first the name of the package inside the namespace, then the path to the directory to be imported. The package may not exists within the root directory, otherwise the inclusion will fail. For example: StormMain -i foo path/to/foo will create the package foo with the contents of path/to/foo.