Launching Storm in the Terminal

How you launch Storm in the terminal depends on your operating system and how you have installed Storm. Because of this, the remainder of this manual uses the command Storm to launch Storm. Since this may not be the case on your machine, you may have to replace Storm with something else on your machine. This page describes what needs to be changed, if anything.

In all examples below, you are expected to replace path/to/storm or path\to\storm with the path that corresponds to where you extracted Storm.


On Windows, you have the following options to be able to run Storm in a terminal (e.g. cmd.exe, or PowerShell). Note that even if the Storm executable is named Storm.exe (with an uppercase S), it is enough to type just storm since Windows is case-insensitive, and appends the .exe extension automatically.


If you have installed Storm from your package manager, you do not need to perform any additional setup to be able to use Storm from a terminal. The only difference is that the Storm binary is all lowercase rather than capitalized as in this manual.

If you have installed Storm by extracting an archive from this page, you have the following options: