Objects and Actors

The standard library contains the two types core.Object and core.TObject. These are the types that all other class types and actor types in the system inherit from. That is, all class types inherit from core.Object, and all actor types inherit from core.TObject.


The type core.Object contains the following members:


The type core.TObject is the base class of all actors (TObject stands for "Thread Object"). It has the same interface as core.Object, except that deepCopy does not exist (actors typically don't need to be copied), and it instead contains the member associatedThread that specifies which thread the actor is associated with. The associated thread is set through a parameter to the constructor, and it is not possible to change the associated thread after creation.


The standard library also provides the following function for comparing the types of classes. It is useful to compare types for equivalence in a == operator, for example.

The following functions allow inspecting the dynamic type of objects. They are located in core.lang: