Library Reference

This section of the documentation covers the libraries in Storm. The most important out of these libraries is perhaps the standard library. It contains the building blocks for the remainder of the libraries, such as the Int type, and Arrays.

The goal of this section of the manual is to provide an overview of the libraries, to give enough context to read Storm's built in documentation. The overview does, however, aim to be complete enough to get started with using the associated libraries by presenting relevant excerpts from the built-in documentation. The information presented here is, however, curated to illustrate the most important operations and does therefore not aim to be entirely complete.

This section of the manual generally uses Basic Storm to illustrate how the libraries are used. As such, it might be necessary to look at the language manual for Basic Storm at times. However, Basic Storm is fairly similar to Java and C++, so it should be possible to understand the idea of the libraries regardless.