Inline Assembler

This library is a syntax extension to Basic Storm that allows writing parts of functions directly in the intermediate language provided by Storm. This allows doing things that are not otherwise supported in Basic Storm. As such, it allows breaking all forms of type safety if desired. It should therefore be used with care.

The inline assembler is located in the lang.asm package. To use the assembler inside of Basic Storm, simply use lang:asm, and you can use the asm{} block to write inline assembly code. The asm block does not return anything, and when evaluated it will simply execute the instructions written inside the block. Any local variables within the current scope are visible inside the asm block as well, and can be accessed as if they were regular registers.

The following function uses inline assembler to add two integer variables:

use lang:asm;

Int asmAdd(Int a, Int b) {
    Int r;
    asm {
        mov eax, a;
        add eax, b;
        mov r, eax;


Note that the inline assembler library is currently not complete. It only implements the following instructions from the intermediate language: