Command Line Parameters

The Storm executable accepts a number of command line parameters that determine its behavior. If no parameters are specified, the default behavior is to run the Basic Storm top loop interactively.

Parameters to Storm have the following form in general:

Storm <flags> <mode> [-- <arguments>]

Parts in angle brackets (<>) are explained further below. Parts in square brackets ([]) are optional.


The <mode> part determines how Storm should operate. If multiple modes are specified, the last one takes precedence over the others (generally, it is only sensible to specify a single mode). The supported modes are as follows:


The <flags> parameter affect the operation of Storm, before it launches its main task. These are currently used to specify where the root of the name tree is located, and to import additional packages from the file system. They are as follows:


Any parameters specified after the delimiter -- are made available to the Storm program through the function core.argv. This function returns an array of strings that contains the parameters. It is also possible for programs to modify this array by calling core.argv(core.Array(core.Str)) (or assigning to core.argv in Basic Storm).